БОЛЬШОЕ СОБЫТИЕ £ 30 Спин и рулетка ром!

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В целом, я наслаждаюсь большим событием Monopoly. В играх с высокими ставками игра идет довольно честно, поэтому эта видеосессия была рассчитана на ставки в 30 фунтов, в надежде получить больше бонусов и просто хорошую игру в целом.
Все было не совсем преднамеренно, поэтому мы завершили сеанс игры в рулетку Super Gambler.

26 Replies to “БОЛЬШОЕ СОБЫТИЕ £ 30 Спин и рулетка ром!”

  1. Chris B

    Something I have noticed with the roulette is if a number comes in 3 times in 20 numbers it comes in twice more in the next 10 this also happened on your video with 13 maybe looking out for next time. Make the most of the big bets best of luck

  2. andrew sutlieff

    Stupid playing monopoly in a bookies,for a £30 buy in i hit 5x then got hotels,paid me over £9000 online(yes never seen anything like it)why pay the same buy in for maximun £500 win?…also 99% rtp online.

  3. freetxt123

    All these people thinking the bookies are going to close once the max stakes go down to £2 a spin are stupid. If a gambler is willing to spend £500 playing slots then no matter what the stake is there still willing to spend £500. All it will change is the amount of time a gambler is in there, meaning they will be staying there longer than usual.

  4. Alex Riddell

    🤔i aint ever gonna playthat crappy monopoly on £30 mega spins.it just wasnt worth it mate.the amount it paid back was dreadful.even with all the freespins you got,.you did well on the roulette yet again .you seem to have that knack of winning back all or the majority of your losses on the previous games .100quid down at the end of the day .not a good day at the office for you but im confident youll win that back plus interest next time .

  5. stephen davies

    That run on monopoly tells u everything u need to know about bookies fobts slots ,,, over the past week I’ve watched rolla, the bandit, hypa, graig, and yourself,, why stress your mental health with slots, they all say ( it’s due) has potential,, fucking load of bollucks their a evil format of gambling, life is short mate do something else with your life , or do what I do just enjoy watching them 👍 best wishes mate

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