Прекращение огня, которого не было: Русская рулетка (Отправка 52)

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Отсрочка прекращения огня в Украине между пророссийскими силами и украинскими военными технически закончилась в понедельник, но соглашение о прекращении огня не коснулось его имени. Корреспондент VICE News Симон Островский побывал в нескольких контрольных точках в окрестностях восточного словенского города и поговорил с солдатами, на которых напали пророссийские силы в последние дни – нападения, которые привели к десяткам смертей.

Кто есть кто в Донецкой народной республике: https://news.vice.com/article/whos-who-in-the-donetsk-peoples-republic

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38 Replies to “Прекращение огня, которого не было: Русская рулетка (Отправка 52)”

  1. Hans D.

    As a outsider i Think the most sadest Thing about this is that Peoble of Ukrain are fyting aginst each other for the Geostrategic intresst of two outside Powers thats the West and the East witsh surly brought them up against each other. Maybe it would be best that East- and West- Ukrain shuld just spilt up, after all the blood that has been spilt and respekt the otheronce Joice. I can not see how Kiev can force a whole Region to folow them if they dont want to. In the end both sides will have the blood of ther Owen Peoble on there Hands and conciusness. I realy hope Ukrian East and West can end this blodbath for the intresst of Outside Powers. May God help them to find a way to end this Lunacy.

  2. Michael Guy

    My Ukrainian grandfather was executed by the secret police ( many of whom were Jewish) of Derzhinsky- and  also the American immigrant from New York, the Zionist Trotsky ( known as Bronstein be fore the Jewish banks of New York  sent him to Russia to overthrow Kerensky's republic.)  My mother and sisters were later kidnapped by the SS, and forced to work as slaves in various concentration/work camps. She lost two sisters.
    Ever since Mogadishu, the USS Cole and 9-11 it has been the competing  royal oil plutocratic princes of the Saud and Thani families of Qatar who have been financing the Sunni 'old men of the mountain" assassin sects like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, ISIS etc.  These disparate groups are the private armies of the various royal princes, as well as the mercenaries of various foreign corporations, Zionist bankers,  and  other countries. For example, ISIS is being funded by oil revenues, so what oil executives and international bankers are so treacherous and treasonous to fund this atavistic group?
    But then look at the European and America politicians, who also are complicit in this Anti-Christ alliance of Wahabbi and Thani princes, Zionist plutocrats and atheist, Marxist globalist of the Socialist International. These western politicians  are as duplicitous, perfidious and equally subject to living upon  bribery, from CAIR, AIPAC, The Wahabbi princes, the Thani princes corporations and foreign  countries like China.
    There is an Anti-Christ alliance of Western, Marxist Globalist, Sunni oil sheiks, and Zionist bankers whose goal and ambitions  are the emasculation, enslavement and eradication of all Shia, Hindus and every bourgeois, Conservative, Capitalist, Nationalist, Christian, Caucasian male in the private sector.

  3. coolfox999

    Simon your biased approach need no comment but I think is simply inappropriate to call Ukrainian citizens who fight for they rights and freedom by "Russian separatists" name. You been searching so hard for Russians in this war I didn't see any confirmation footage, only you keep blabbing.

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