Ритм-рулетка: Аполлон Браун

В этом эпизоде ​​«Ритма» «Апелляционная масса» отправляется в «The D», чтобы встретиться с «Королем года 97» Cool Edit Cut – Аполлоном Брауном.

Подпишитесь на массовое обращение здесь: http://goo.gl/LqG3wZ
Нажмите здесь, чтобы посмотреть больше эпизодов Ритм-рулетки: http://goo.gl/xZeLBY

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То, что началось как скромное граффити зимбет в 1996 году, скоро станет одной из самых надежных отправных точек для городской культуры, порожденной молодыми людьми. Сегодня Mass Appeal – это медийный коллектив, возглавляемый подлинными голосами и вдохновенными умами. Мы являемся платформой для радикальных креативщиков, которые трансформируют культуру.

46 Replies to “Ритм-рулетка: Аполлон Браун”


    It's funny how all the producers on this joint say "I picked the wrong records man!" and end up making the hottest shit lol. I feel most producers should do just this, pick up some you normally wouldn't and go from there. I know records cost $ but that can stretch your creative 3rd eye for real. Some of the best stuff comes from the least likely places.

  2. Helgen X

    Honestly, this was the laziest and worst of all the RR's. He bitches about everything from the beginning but I heard about 10 good samples from the beginning, then he just used a loop of drums, and took some super short cut from one of the records and that's it, and people think he made a real beat… That's lazy, and honestly, yall got to be kidding not only me, but yourselves if you think this was a beat. I could have swore he was using Audacity and not cool edit. You can simply dragon and drop samples to it from a folder open in windows and use crtl+c and v to copy and paste within the software since it uses basic windows commands for most of it, that's not hard.

    In some ways, this was refreshing, it verifies that music has gone so downhill, that loops alone can just make a "hit" now and there's always gonna be some zombie ear having ass people sucking it up, which I confirmed in the mid 2000's.

    Never heard of him before, glad I didn't, but now know he sucks.

  3. SquidBeatzOTN

    These videos show me people don't even know what they are listening to… only video of seen of a producer having knowledge has been 9th, and he didn't even seem to know about the original artist.. sad

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