Самая большая игра на рулетке!

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Это было снято в моих 100-фунтовых местных ставках. Я очень много играл в фобт-рулетку, но это было лучшее число, которое я когда-либо имел. Я всегда склонен делать ставки на руле и почти всегда ставить на 11.
Мы надеемся, что в будущем произойдет еще одна серия подобных цифр.

29 Replies to “Самая большая игра на рулетке!”

  1. luke b-k

    Not unusual, similar run happened to me quite a few times…Every year there was one week, when I was winning big every day – around £10-12 000 in my pocket in just one week….HOWEVER overall I lost around £120k playing these machines in 8 years…working 70 hours a week just to feed these addictive machines hoping for miracle…DON'T BE SILLY LIKE ME

  2. Wayne Holmes

    That was an amazing run, wish I could get that many hits on zero and 29 then I'd be cashing out same amounts as you lol. That was an incredible streak, that machine wanted to be nice with that 11 didn't it. If I do £100 spins I have terrible luck, then I have a couple of quid left put it on one of my big numbers and it comes in, it's so frustrating lol.

  3. Ryan Fouracre

    Fucking hell what a streak I like the roulette every now and again I think The most I’ve take. Off roulette is £580 which ain’t bad concidering I only put in £20 play action stax it’s really good pay out

  4. farhan khan

    I was big player in roulette but I’m telling you something this is very dangerous game don’t play anyone you are going to be crazy in end thank you god I leave this game I don’t play more I got job now

  5. Bradders 2016

    Your a legend mate… Recently subbed and can't stop watching ya videos…. Keep up the hard work bro ya pulling a blinder .. good luck and keep the roulette £100 spins coming 🙂

  6. I love this game ❤️

    Thanks for your wise words u give out at the end….
    just the way u play? Like ice lol amazing you do all these different games to show us subs, an could just do 20p every time.
    Obviously your a massive gambler but for some reason u seam that u have it under control? Unless I’m wrong,!

  7. luke Mckee

    you seriously must work for this betting company or some shit, absolutely staggered by this. Lost a lot in my time on these and seen people play hard like this regularly and never once have I seen a streak even a quarter of this. :O

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