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Это новая ставка в 20 000 ставок в 20 000 в William Hill, которая была запущена, потому что новые правила азартных игр запрещают любую ставку в 2 фунта на игру. Это включает в себя все слоты и игры в рулетку, поэтому здесь нет слотов на основе Fortune Spin или игр с высокими ставками.

В новом издании 20p 20p Roulette 20p перед вращением на колесе рулетки используется вращатель. Каждая «игра» в баре стоит 2 фунта, приземление в зеленых призах вращает колесо рулетки, красный – в режиме «play-over». Вы можете изменить свои шансы и делать эффективные ставки до 50 фунтов на рулетку, но шансы на спин-баре уменьшаются с каждым добавленным фишкой. Если на колесе рулетки размещен эквивалент 50 фунтов стерлингов, долгосрочный средний показатель на спин-баре будет составлять 50 фунтов за рулетку. Это будет варьироваться, так что вы можете получить несколько ходов подряд или вы можете заплатить 200 фунтов за одно вращение; мяч должен приземлиться на ваш номер.

Это можно сыграть в краткосрочной перспективе, но я думаю, что в долгосрочной перспективе людям это надоест. Что вы думаете? Дайте мне знать в комментариях.

22 Replies to “СОВЕРШЕННО НОВЫЙ £ 2 FOBT Карты рулетки ПЕРВЫЙ ВИД!”

  1. CD DB

    You can still lose a lot in a short space of time….the only difference is now you can't get big wins from time to time. So it's a change for the worse for sure people who don't understand these games in any way have changed these rules. They've even had to change the games a bit, the spins aren't the same, the length of spins are different to how they used to be so there's also an element of thinking they've also fixed them now….it doesn't have to be fixed for you to lose a lot now, so dodgy when they literally make it so you can't ever win. You now have to put more in to win much MUCH less/win nothing, actually lose and do way more spins than you would've needed to before to get a decent win…. it's fucking shit…..at least before, even if you started to lose you could then win it back by the time you've called it a day, impossible now, if you have a bad start you'll finish the day with a loss guaranteed.
    I always hated hearing of people breaking the machines just because they lost, I just think it's childish, thuggish and it's no one else's fault but their own they lost but even I felt like doing it after these new shitty rules have fucked things up so it's not even half in my own hands to win they've taken the chance away that's not my fault….it probably is because of those pricks who would smash the machines or abuse staff because of their losses that the government felt they needed to change things but they haven't changed it in the right way at all. Also, the likes of myself have to suffer for not being 1of those scumbags and actually behaving instead. Only the scumbags should be punished for that behaviour not everyone else.
    Considering my last 6 paydays I had doubled my payday money or done better by playing these machines yet this payday the first since these new rules have been put in place I all of a sudden lose my wages before even being up at any stage tells you it's a shitty thing they've done now which hinders rather than helps.

  2. Daniel Hateley

    This is funny as fk ha… you won't even be able to win big if it's max bet is £2 .. you need to cover my numbers.. this was done so people can lose more money.. think about it… ☝️☝️ if you are doing £2 a bit the odds are tiny compared to how you would normally cover the numbers.. and I bet people will still play them.. that's why they did it.. not to help but to keep you there longer and in the long out come you will be just playing for entertainment. Back in the day I remember running into these places with a tenner and id put a stake covering a few areas when I was low on cash just to make £5 extra or more and a lot of the times it paid off.. I used to just get one win and if it was profit I would leave.

  3. Steve Williamson

    The spin bar doesn't pay , losing numbers keep getting repeated , the machines don't have enough money put in them to pay out big
    Punters are wasting their time with the this, remove the machines from bookies and good ridance

  4. love my videos. com

    Best thing ever happened least now us guys can say fuck the bookies and keep our hard grafted cash in our pockets and spend it on family instead of these shit machines I just wish it happend years ago I went when the new £2 stake came in and said wtf waited out and never gone back in that's the end feel so happy and money always in my pocket not like before waiking out skint.rip bookies should see these evil places closing down one by one very soon

  5. cypriotgamer tv

    This new 2 pound roulette is so shit but I am very happy its come into force I've lost my wife my house my friends family over gambling addiction its give me mental health issues, suicidal thoughts gambling addiction isnt a joke I've sold all my personal belongings to gamble took out many loans sold my house car everything I'm happy the government has put this into force about time

  6. nicky goldstein

    im sick too death of the bookies riding out and milking the element of chance , its almost like they are in partnership with government , u cover 80% of the board and u get 20 losing spins in a row but can guarantee if u put the same on the other 20% you would never get 20 winning spins, the term "RANDOM" is a total load of shite and only comes into effect when the machine has achieved its percentage return and has excess to give back, until that moment you do not have a chance, which is theft in my eyes, roulette should be researched by independent mathematicians too prove this claim of randomness which is a complete fabrication and myth. Id also like too see the return on kids prize machines upped from 30% too 80% taking 70% of a childs money of every pounds is also a lewd and foul way to make money, lets make gambling fair and not just a tax topup for government.

  7. scott croy

    Can’t believe they got rid of lucky 8, glad the bookies is finished though. People will still play this but shop revenue won’t be enough to keep shops open. I expect closures straight away.

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