Ставки Live на ставки в $ 1550 – ставки! БОЛЬШАЯ ПОБЕДА Лас Вегас

Ставки Live на ставки в $ 1550 – ставки! Большая победа!

26 Replies to “Ставки Live на ставки в $ 1550 – ставки! БОЛЬШАЯ ПОБЕДА Лас Вегас”

  1. nas pierce

    i hate the way these slavic peasant retards speak when they enter advance civilised nations. netherlandis such a shit hoel and all the men and guys are so ugly nasty creepy ugly looking like slavic mongol yellow skinned polish russian slavic german french greek italian zombie retards.

  2. Eric Robbins

    Big win? Fucking amateurs. I bet more on multiple hands of blackjack within one shoe. You made a net profit on a 47% 1:1 bet. It might have been something if it landed on 17 or 20, but split bets (17:1) are terrible because you clearly have no understanding of how the roulette wheel is designed or setup. Try playing an arc of 5-8 numbers. You’d be surprised. If the same arc (yours or another) isn’t hitting consistently then your dealer is shit and has no clue on how they make their money (read: tips). An experienced dealer can hit the same arc of numbers often if they want to with obvious exception of ball popping.

  3. dus

    Nice Win! Als jullie trouwens nog een casino zoeken waar je mag filmen op de strip. De Cosmopolitan is het enige casino waar filmen wordt toegestaan. Filmen van de gezichten van de gasten is wel verboden. Als je loopt door het casino gewoon het beeld op de vloer richten.

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